by Mun Ki Tron

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This is a trip.
It was made as a trip and bound together back and forth to flow into your ears like a slow drop of acid laced honey. That said i encourage you to listen to the whole thing in one go to get the most out of it.

We live on a world of a limited capacity and yet our global culture is based on unlimited growth of population and consumption with oncoming climate change, massive oppresion, wealth inequality, a population either starved of time enough to form effectively into a retaliatory force or starved of power enough to make their force weak. = At some time in the future we shall face a point when it is no longer possible to avoid the questions posed by this dilemma. This is a concept album about that. And other things.

It is free. download it.

smoke a joint, drink a beer, run a mile, go to bed or whatever it is you do to relax and dive in.

It was made over some years at alternately, between 5 and 800 metres above sea level in France, 40 metres above sea level in the uk and in the keller of a bombed building in Germany.


released April 14, 2012

All music and words by Mun Ki Tron, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Field recording, Samples, Yelling, Banana,

except 3 notable samples... The first and most obvious you may recognise but i won't mention here due to the nature of the world we live in (apologies to the hollywood people concerned...your work has become part of "popular culture" and so i ...if the song gets on the radio then call me..).....the second is will have to be a serious music freak to find out the third...even though it is a subconcious recurring theme running through the album. Please send your answers in and the first person to get it will win a special prize.

There are a few people who contributed greatly in various abstract ways whom i would like to thank. Without these people, it would not have happened.

My family and friends. Particularly...
Jody Thomas and Richard Morley for the discussions which led to the ideas of the Octopus and the super computer and the very idea of a concept album based on a science fiction future broadcast from the future picked up on a radio.
Greg Allen, Kozmo Hayes, Steve Smyth and Su for invaluable feedback. Many more. It was made from scratch.



all rights reserved


Mun Ki Tron Berlin, Germany

Mun Ki Tron was born on a small island some distance west of Japan. Or East, as you choose.
The first Album is released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Titanics sinking.
Its not perfect, in a rush of broken computers and deadlines - it was born.
The second is ten years of my best ideas.
Come all who wish to travel and find hope for a way ahead. Or just boogie.
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Track Name: All Aboard
One day.... it was a day like today at sea
Ice, Screams, History
And where were we?

One day in the future
Where will we be?
Ice on the screen
Like history repeats

Everybody all aboard
The banks all scream for more
Your lifeboat was sold offshore
(Draw your weapons, lock the doors)
Everybody on the floor
All Aboard

Sailing through space
On a ball of rock
See that look on her face
She knows there’s no way off

We’re going into the sea
On the back of this machine
They’ll look at us with awe
If they can look back at all
It’s knocking at your door
New York To Singapore

The music played until it didn’t play anymore
Who said life’s not exciting
We are sailing - I’m flying
Track Name: 20/20 Vision
In the beginning
There was a….
Everything comes from something
It doesn’t really matter why
The universe is made of string
We won’t have the maths in our lifetime.

Probability is
On another planet there is someone
Who looks just like you…

Open the blinds
The universe arrives
All of space and time
Somewhere the light
of our first sunrise
and everywhere believers
and no god in sight
Dust collides
Planets form, suns ignite
spheres in the black
bubbles in the white
Like test tubes baby
As the lightning strikes
In the ice, the acid dances as chaos creates life

Waves wash up on the beach
Of history
Fur came from fish
Came from the sea
And now we
Are everywhere
Wherever you go
Somebody’s been there

And we keep inventing new things
If you can think of it
Someone probably made it
Imagination is the limit

We’ve crossed the line
Where fiction can be
More dramatic
Than reality

Somewhere under Lake Geneva
There’s a radio receiver
Listening to the future
It said….

(Rebel Reporter)
"Reports are coming in from around the globe; we are expecting an enormous tidal wave to hit..."

"An illegal broadcast is taking place from somewhere within the dome"

(Rebel Reporter)
"...Barricaded myself inside this room...I may be shut down at any moment"

(News reporter)
"Reports coming in from across America saying we are expecting the wave..."

(Rebel Reporter)
We are witnessing probably the most horrific event of human history. I can see hundreds of thousands of people desperately peering into this dome

"...Animals outside..."

(Rebel Reporter)
"The dome from which i am broadcasting was built after the food riots of ...

...There is blood"

It was built as a gated community which is populated by the worlds richest people

(Dome Citizen)
I just have to let you know that I'm so glad to be...Me and my wife got our tickets back in...
Its be one of the few

(Rebel Reporter)
"The weather reports are coming in now that we are expecting a massive tidal wave to hit any moment and it’s going to kill all those people"

"Remember everybody, if you tune into such a broadcast your status card is at stake..."

(Rebel Reporter)
"Todays date is the.....2020...."
Track Name: The Last Minute
No time to waste, no time like the present

No time to sit and wait for heaven

No time trusting politicians

Nor surrendering to superstition

No time to fight with ourselves

No time for living hell

No time to build a wall

We've got no time at all

(They saw it 30 seconds before it hit)

No time for denial - our wonderful world is melting down in style

No time to waste - we may already be too late

What will you think of twice in the last minute of your life?
Track Name: Love Life
Love Life

From the fire to the frying pan
Turn the corner and you’re back again
Twist your brain as the world spins round and round
It’s insane but don’t let it get you down

Get the monkey off your back
Take your time – Time to relax
Let’s head down to the sea
Lying in the sun – just you and me

You know, I swear the waves are coming further up the beach
They seem to cover up what was once out of reach
So many people all along the shore
And every day ....... more and more and more and more and more

Love Life because you only get one
Love Life because the end is going to come
Track Name: Humanimals
Animals one and all
Nature calls one and all

Behaving like animals
We’re all
Behaving like animals
And everyone knows
They want it all
Want it all

and can animals
Feel anything
Pumped full of chemicals
And programming

keep behaving like animals
It’s cool
We’re ruled by cannibals
We’d be fools to believe
The shit that they feed us
Kept in the dark
Like we were mushrooms

Keep evolving
Keep believing
We will see

Keep your eyes
And your heart open
Feed your abilities

If we work together
We can make our dreams come true

Monkey took a mushroom
Sat under a tree
Looked up at space
And thought “One day that will be me”
Track Name: A Is For Apocalypse
A is for apocalypse and ants in the sea
B is for banks
C is crisis and catastrophe
D is for disaster
F for faster and the fuckers who take us there
G is for gods, guns, gangsters, governments, greed
H is for hamburgers
I, I have no idea
J stands for justice and it also stands for joke
K is for the kids reaping what we sow
L is for the loans that the bankers feed
M is for the Money
N is none and need
O is oh how much do we owe?
P is the planet and the population overload
Q for the quality of life
R is for the rich
S is starving, sleeping out at night
T for the state sponsored Terrorists and the..
UN - do you think they give a shit?
V is for Victory
W, the weather and world war three and
It’s as easy as A
But I’m not trying to spell it out
Track Name: The Kids
There’s a terrible secret
Known by some
I hope you can keep it
Don’t tell anyone

The world is run by children
That’s why it’s such a scary place
Is there any other explanation?
Have you seen the kids today?

There’s America
Wants to play police
The poor kids speak
what about them?
The other big kids want a piece
What are you going to do……tell the UN?

We don’t want you to play
You’re a funny color anyway
Take a shot
If you think you’re tough
Give us your lunch
Or we’ll beat you up

The world is run by children
The secret handed down through the centuries
Is there any other explanation
For the way they fight and scheme?

These are like the kids
You see on MTV
Before they learned to read
They knew how to cheat
And they do it
So obviously
Yes I know the rules
But they don’t apply to me

The world is run by children
Or the worst type of sociopath
There is no other explanation
For such bad behavior and such good math
Is it our fault? We elected them
And that’s what’s known as politics
But there’s something about this system
The only choice we get is shades of shit
Track Name: The Octopus
From the sea
Up the beach
Up the tree
Up to the penthouse suite
West to East
My limbs meet
Bank to government, church, to tv
The schools, the food, the drugs, the streets
They even creep
Into people you meet
I’ve got a tentacle
In everybody
Ruling the world
Behind the scenes
The dark side of the hive mind
Of the species
I’m not a spider
Though I’m poisonous
I’ve got suckers
I’m the Octopus

Suckers for meat
Suckers to cheat
Suckers to weep
Suckers to feed
Suckers to breed
It’s a Sucker Species
In the Sucker machine
Just suckers
To me

Ruling the world
The Octopus
I change my shape
Like a Virus
Control of the few
I’m poisonous
I run the criminals
I’m the Cabal
Made money from Lennon
Both Kennedys, world wars
September 11
I rule the world
And yes it sucks
But that’s the kiss
Of the Octopus

Suckers for sweets
Suckers for treats
Suckers for Sugar
Fat, Salt and Meat
I’ll have you cut down the trees
To feed my machine
Like a zombie ant trance
Living to feed me
Track Name: Things To Come (The Storm)
“No-one ever talks about it
They just do it
You go on with your lives, ignoring the signs all around you
Then one day when the air is still and the night has fallen
They come
Its only then that you realize
that while you’re talking about organizing and committees
The extermination has already begun
Make no mistake, they will draw first blood
The only question is
Will you fight or wait for the inevitable genocide?”

When the wheels fall off this broken machine
You'll be surprised at the rapidity
At which society that we hold so dear
Cracks and crumbles and disappears

When the money runs out and there is no law
You'll find there’s worse things, than a third world war
When the rules and regulations don’t count anymore
And the jackals are beating down your front door
When the water runs out and the food is spoiled
When we are lining up to drink the oil

When the seas rise up and the beach goes down
And the people are searching for the higher ground
When the power stops and the lights go out
When there’s no more room for a reasonable doubt

When the prisons are full and the walls fall down
And the psychopaths are running around
When the parties over and we've had our fun
You’re defending your home with the barrel of a gun

When the roof comes off in the crazy weather
And the hurricanes and forest fires collide together
When the temperature rises another few degrees
And the population is up a few billion
Then the end of this civilization
Is just another one of the things to come.

And when you look back asking what did i do and...
...why didn't i do it sooner
Track Name: The Cage
In the night – a dream, undone
Close my eyes – To my surprise, I’d become
A monkey in a cage in the zoo
Hoping not to evolve into you

Controlled by a keeper
Fed on what and when they choose
All locked up with a key that they keep
If you fight they will put you to sleep
They look so sad and apathetic with the cameras
Please put me back in the trees
In the distance
On the horizon
Something’s coming
From the deep
Of excesses
Take these messes
Wash them clean
Full speed ahead
Into the red
The captain said
And we follow
like sheep
The equation
Of destruction
The Earth is finite
Still we eat
In the same boat
Sleeping we float
Rudderless as
We sprung a leak
Some will survive
In lifeboats they buy
But most will still die
No space for you and me
Whether you believe
Or hide in dreams
Sooner or later
We all will see
The only question is
Will we drown in
The rising ocean
Or the sea of humanity
And I wonder
when we go under
Will we finally find Peace
Track Name: eNd prOducT
In the future
A computer
Has been made
To save the human race

We know it because
The radio receiver
Under Lake Geneva

Scientists from every nation
Work on the creation
Cross-reference calculations
Plug in and turn it on

Please, computer
We need your help
We fucked it up again
We went wild
And we’re running out of time
Here’s all the data
On the things we did
Oh please...
Do what you can

And it said

Ha ha haha haaaaa

You think I’m crazy don’t you

Rearrange yourselves

If you want to see

The future

The best help

I can be

Is take this piece

Of paper

And we can reach space together